I am 50+ yr old woman, originally born in Boston, spent most of my life in New England but now dwelling down south in the Peach State. I’ve been many things at various times and played various roles with a multitude of people. I’ve been a son, daughter, brother, sister, father, Nana. Through out the course of my life I have experienced much, find myself constantly evolving, growing and changing. I am a living emobodiment of the principle of yin/yang. My life is comprised of life experience from both sides of the coin and has left me endowed with the ability to see many sides to every issue/event. I can be both liberal and conservative in my politics. My interests are as varied as my talents, just as my tastes in literature, entertainment and cuisine are. One thing I’ve learned in my life that nothing is ever absolute and that the future is ever unknown and life can, and often will, change in the blink of an eye.